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Inclusant is a social enterprise that operates differently than most businesses by promoting targeted universalism and human rights, rather than profit.

We facilitate inclusive spaces for diverse people to connect where justice meets joy.

Since its founding in 2014, Inclusant has consulted with over 100 organizations, offered dozens of public trainings, and sponsored major social justice projects in Pittsburgh. Inclusant clients are diverse, including corporations, non-profits, universities, museums, service organizations, and grassroots activists.

Recognizing the urgent need for high-quality online equity education, Inclusant has designed a unique curriculum for building awareness, skills, and knowledge. It includes original research, dialogue-based inquiry, experiential learning techniques, and evidence-based strategies for making change.

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About Inclusant: Team
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anupama jain, PhD

anupama jain calls herself Inclusant's Chief Education Officer. From 2017-2021, she was the Executive Director of Pittsburgh's Gender Equity Commission in the Mayor's Office. 

anu specializes in evidence-based strategies for making transformative change in communities. Her areas of expertise are facilitating inclusion and curating unique learning experiences.

She published an academic study about Ambivalence and Belonging that investigates the American Dream in terms of racial economics (Temple University Press, 2011).

Previously, anu was on the faculty at Union College in upstate New York, Colby College in Maine, and the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. For more than a decade, she conducted original research, taught interdisciplinary topics, and led higher education diversity initiatives.

After relocating to Pittsburgh, anu immersed herself in collaborative education and public humanities projects. She has partnered with stakeholders across sectors and silos to design original programming series such as Color Me Pgh, Scholars at Large, and 12×12: Connecting Pittsburgh to the World. 


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